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Clothing & Accessories Drives

Clothing & Accessories Drives are a fun way for groups to support Bottomless Closet and the women we serve. Whether among the employees of a large corporation or the members of community organization, clothing drives are a simple but effective way to attract the support of many individuals and support a worthwhile cause by donating business clothing you no longer wear. 

Planning your Drive: We know that running a clothing drive takes some time and effort; below are some suggestions that will help the process.

  • Contact Bottomless Closet to schedule a date for your drive. Our space is very limited and we want to ensure that we can accommodate your donations and treat your contributions with the care they deserve. Our goal is to get your donations into the hands of clients quickly and in good condition, coordinating a date will guarantee this.
  • Take some marketing materials. Bottomless Closet has information about our programs and how people’s donations will help.  We have ready made flyers that not only spell out the guidelines for donations but can be customized with the dates and location of your drive.
  • Consider an Accessories drive. The items listed below may be easier for people to transport, and are especially useful to us. Accessories make a big difference in completing a professional image for our clients.
  • All clothing & accessories donations are tax deductible, forms can be provided for individuals. 

Click here to schedule a clothing drive.

Making the Donation: Given the limited resources of Bottomless Closet, we ask that you be responsible for getting clothing drive donations to our offices.

  • Donations can be sent or delivered in bags, boxes or on hangers.

  • We are unable to accommodate boxes bigger than 3’ x 3’ x 3’.

  • Drop offs can be arranged during business hours, Monday through Thursday or select evenings.

Holding the Drive:  To ensure that the contributions you make are meaningful to our clients, we ask that all donations fit the following guidelines:

  • Bottomless Closet accepts women’s new or gently worn business appropriate clothing and accessories. This can include the following:
  • Business Suits
    Handbags & Attaché Cases
    Unopened Hosiery
    New Cosmetics
  • Plus sizes (14 and up) are in demand and particularly appreciated.
  • We are unable to accept undergarments, exercise clothing, jeans, tee shirts, sneakers, evening wear or used/opened cosmetics.

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