Become a Referral Partner

For many New York women, transitioning into the workforce is wrought with challenges that they are often minimally prepared to face. These include learning to dress for a professional setting, anticipating questions in job interviews and balancing the demands of work and home.

“It has been a great experience for WPA clients to receive such high quality services and a pleasure for the staff to count on the type of professionalism often taken for granted.”

Become a Referral Partner

If you are an employment training and/or job readiness provider, and are interested in referring your job-ready clients (those who have an interview scheduled) to Bottomless Closet for clothing, interview preparation, and other services please follow the steps below:

  1. 1Complete the Application and Agreement below and return to Emily Carter, Program Assistant
  2. 2Register for and attend Referral Partner orientation. Please note: All individuals who make referrals to Bottomless Closet must have attended orientation. It is recommended that each Referral Partner designate at least one primary and one secondary contact person for referrals. There is no limit to the number of individuals who can make referrals from any one site.

Referral Organization Application

Referral Organization Agreement

Already a Referral Partner?

Click here to access your referral forms and other documents.

Upcoming Orientation

  1. Wednesday, April 12
  2. Tuesday, May 23
  3. Monday, July 13

All start at 9:00am and last approximately 1 hour. Please remember to register for orientation in advance.

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